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About Company

More About PLEC Solutions

At PLEC, we drive clients to success with Productive, Lean, Efficient, and Competitive solutions. With years of industry experience, our team tailors solutions to align with your objectives. Our productivity-driven approach focuses on eliminating inefficiencies, ensuring optimal output. We provide lean and efficient solutions by minimizing waste and complexities, offering cost-effective solutions.


Vertical Integration

Easy integration systems and more.


Customer Oriented

Customer-oriented quality services.

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Our Solutions

We Provide Our Latest Solutions

Embrace the digital age confidently with our cutting-edge digitalization strategies. Gain a competitive edge through our advanced pick and place solutions with robots and collaborative robots (cobots).

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PLEC Solutions

Latest Solutions

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Our Approach

We Approach To Our Customers Onsite and Tackle Their Challenges Together

At our company, we believe in a hands-on approach to addressing our customers' needs. We understand that every challenge is unique, and that's why we meet our customers right where they are—onsite.

Define: Understanding Our Customers' Challenges

We immerse ourselves in understanding our customers' challenges. This involves extensive communication and collaboration to gain insight into their specific needs, goals, and pain points. We conduct onsite visits to observe their operations firsthand, listen to their concerns, and identify areas for improvement. By defining the scope and objectives of our collaboration, we lay the foundation for a successful partnership built on mutual understanding and alignment.

Measure: Assessing Onsite Needs and Opportunities

Once we have a clear understanding of our customers' challenges, where we assess onsite needs and opportunities. This involves gathering data, metrics, and key performance indicators (KPIs) to quantify the current state of their operations. Through detailed analysis and evaluation, we identify areas of inefficiency, bottlenecks, and potential for optimization. By measuring the impact of existing processes and systems, we gain valuable insights that inform our strategy for improvement.

Analyze: Collaborating to Identify Solutions

We collaborate closely with our customers to identify solutions that address their challenges effectively. This involves brainstorming sessions, workshops, and discussions to explore innovative ideas and alternatives. We leverage our expertise in software automation and digitalization to analyze the data collected during the Measure phase and identify root causes of inefficiencies. Through rigorous analysis and problem-solving, we develop actionable recommendations and strategies tailored to our customers' unique needs and objectives.

Improve and Control: Implementing Solutions and Ensuring Sustainability

We work hand in hand with our customers to implement the identified solutions and drive continuous improvement. This involves deploying software automation tools, digital solutions, and process optimizations to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. We provide comprehensive training, support, and guidance to ensure a smooth transition and adoption of new technologies. Additionally, we establish performance metrics and control mechanisms to monitor progress, track results, and ensure the sustainability of improvements over time. By continuously refining and optimizing our approach, we empower our customers to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve lasting success.

Discover Your Hidden Factory!

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What We Do!

We analize your challenges and turn them to opportunities!

  • Analyze Challenges
  • Implement Solutions
  • Create Opportunities

In today's manufacturing world, we face various obstacles, like keeping up with new technology and making our processes run smoother. To tackle these issues, we need to come up with new ideas, work together, and focus on improving how things are done.



When we spot problems, it's important to fix them by putting solutions into action. Whether it's making production smoother or using new tech, we need to work together and use our skills to make things better. By teaming up and making changes, we can improve how things work in manufacturing.



In manufacturing, challenges often open doors to new opportunities. By identifying and addressing problems, we can uncover ways to innovate and improve processes. Whether it's adopting advanced technologies or optimizing supply chains, tackling challenges can pave the way for growth and success in the manufacturing industry.